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About Us

What is Fitfoody?

Fitfoody is an online fitness and nutrition coaching service. We use innovative technologies for fitness coaching, weight loss programs, meal preparation and calorie tracking which improves user experience, accessibility and ultimately their health and wellbeing. Our science based coaching methods are based on thorough research of evidence based books and articles without the influence of latest fad and social media.

At fitfoody, our vision is to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of people globally by being a preferred choice of fitness service provider.

"We exist to help our clients to reach their fitness goals"

Weight loss programs

The Fitfoody approach

Our coaching approach offers a highly efficient, personalised, and flexible coaching solution for our customers.

We currently offer one-to-one personal training, online remote coaching and easy follow along programs. All our training programs are designed and delivered in line with Fitfoody's key principles.

Fitness coaching

Our training principles


  • We focus on delivering time-efficient, highly effective fitness programs to meet the needs of our customer.
  • With our time-efficient programs you can smash through your workouts and get more out of each workout every time.


  • "Consistency is one of the biggest factors to accomplishment and success ". The best way to stay consistent is to give yourself a bit of leeway. While this may sound counter-intuitive but think about it, if you don’t enjoy it, it won’t last long.
  • We create a variety of programs to avoid training monotony and boredom. With more variety you will stay committed and consistent.


  • In fitness training proper technique and form is essential to reaching your goals. Technique and form are two different things.
  • Applying the right technique during exercise trains the target muscle groups ensuring that you get the most out of the exercises you do.
  • A good form is important to avoid injury which allows you to stay in the fitness game for long.

Our nutrition principles


  • Do you know, your body requires more than 40 nutrients and other substance for good health. Undoubtedly, there is no one magical food that give you all the nutrients your body needs. Similarly, there is no one single food that achieves a particular goal for example fat loss. No matter how much you enjoy a particular food or how nutritious that food is.
  • Healthy eating means combining a wide variety of food each day that will achieve the balance of nutrients, energise your activities and ensure good health.


  • When it comes to choosing nutritious food, we believe that majority of the ingredient should come from whole food and real ingredients such as grains, nuts, fruits and vegetable. This doesn't mean you cannot enjoy processed food or engage in indulgence every now and then. We do encourage a flexible eating habit. However, what you do most of the time is what really counts. Therefore, a majority of the food you consume should consist of natural whole foods.


  • We often see an increased number of restrictive eating gaining popularity in recent times. While this kind of eating habit will not only devoid you from absorbing essential nutrients but also may lead to eating disorders.
  • A flexible diet is the one that you can sustain for a long period where you can eat mostly healthy food as well as less healthy food in moderation.

Why choose us?

Our specialities

With so many different ways today to find fitness info online, it can sometimes be hard to know where to go to first. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Fitfoody.

Science Based Coaching

Our sound science based coaching are based on logic, not opinion or bias.

Our training and coaching content are subject to peer review and evaluation by experts in the field of fitness and nutrition.

Thanks to our constantly reviewed programs of cardiovascular, strength, endurance and plyometric training, our clients get updates on proven techniques which are easy to understand while providing optimum results.

We offer free sources of information(backed by confirmed publications) to our community . We reference and cite sources from PubMed and credible literature to provide you the most accurate information without influential marketing.

Customer focus

We built Fitfoody from a users perspective. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customer have helped us to focus on what matters and what is important.

We are open and transparent, you can reach us out directly via chat or through one of our social pages.

We take customer feedback seriously and we are committed to make every effort possible to improve

our service the level of service we offer to our customers.

We are approachable, it’s our job to be good online. We are really open to the ways in which customers want to consume health and fitness. Our YouTube Channel and Facebook pages are created for that.


The work we do and its success depends on our fitness community and people. Our mission is to build a community of fitness enthusiast.

Our online services and tools are aligned to our goal of building a huge fitness community. No matter where you are in the world, our online tools and mobile applications are built to unite the community through our brand, Fitfoody.