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Getting back on track

Customer Journey


Andy has been an avid gym goer with a consistent training history. However, lockdown measures during COVID-19 limited his opportunity to exercise regularly.

In February this year, Andy approached Fitfoody to kickstart a new training program to reverse the ill effects of 2 years long detraining.

Setting the baseline

The training program started with an initial consultation along with fitness assessment in the gym. It was clear from the initial assessment that Andy has high levels of motivation, and he is incredibly disciplined, thanks to his

ex-military background.

However in terms of his ability to exercise, there were limitation in certain exercises due to an injury in the knee.


We have established a baseline body stat (pre-intervention) which we will be comparing to ongoing progress periodically.

Our primary goals are reducing body fat by 10%, maintaining muscle and improving overall flexibility.

This will be achieved by

  1. Continued focus on technique and form so we are maximising every lift/rep.
  2. Incorporating low impact high intensity workouts along with weight training.
  3. Incorporating flexibility stretches & mobility workouts.

These goals will be delivered in line with Fitfoody's training principles.

Hybrid coaching

Fitfoody will be using a hybrid training approach to reach Andy's goals.

In our hybrid coaching, we take our client through

4 weeks of one-to-one personal training where we focus on form, technique, and efficiency of each exercise. We also use this opportunity to understand which type of workout that will have the biggest impact on the client without compromising their own specific body limitations that may be resulting from lack of flexibility, injury, or disability.


A profile is created for our client in our Fitfoody app where the client can see calendar-based programs, video demo of training technique, healthy meal recipes & track their calories and progress.


On completion of the one-to-one coaching, we then produce an online programme and monitor the progress remotely with one of highly skilled Fitfoody coaches.


Our hybrid coaching approach offers a highly efficient, personalised, and flexible coaching solution while keeping the cost of personal training low.

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