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Fitfoody’s coaching model is

designed for a modern lifestyle

‘Modern day’ fitness is more than a workout program or a meal plan. Although, the options to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle are limitless. In reality, our lifestyle habits continue to be the main barrier in our fitness journey. With this in mind, we use our experience and knowledge to deconstruct myths and create possibilities for exercise participation and active living. 

Through education, technology and support, we help our clients in initiating and maintaining active lifestyles. 

Worldwide Remote Personal Training by Fitfoody

Fit your training around your busy schedule

Complete program in your own time

Weekly check-ins

Ideal if attending gym isn’t possible

Remote coach support

Motivation and accountability

Multilingual support (English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam)

The Fitfoody Android app

Programs for varied goals and abilities

Healthy recipes

Track your progress

Multiple workout programs

Remote coach support *

Benefits for Fitfoody’s members

Our individualised workout programs takes into account of your lifestyle, ability, time availability and motivation. As a result, the chances of achieving your fitness goals exponentially increases. Our coaching model offers a wide range of programs to suit a wide range of customer goals such as getting started in gym, home workouts, fat loss and hypertrophy programs.

Fitfoody reach your goals men

Personalised workout plans

Healthy eating guidance

Track your progress

Sleep meditation

Fitfoody reach your goals women

Free consultation

Our programs are designed for individual needs and goals. Fitfoody coaches can refine your fitness goals, create a plan and support you in your fitness journey until you achieve your goals. To book a free consultation with one of Fitfoody’s fitness coaches click the link below

Our process

free personal training consultation free online fitness consultation dietary consultation

Book an online consultation with Fitfoody coach

The FREE fitness consultation is one of the core elements of getting to know our clients’ needs and goals.

To know more about our consultation process click here

Fitfoody Fitness program on a tablet

Receive a personalised fitness program created by Fitfoody direct to your smartphone (Android users)

Following our consultation and subscription of a fitness program, our coach will send you a personalised training program tailored for your goals.

Fitfoody app tracking nutrition and progress

Track your progress using the Fitfoody app

With unlimited access to our Fitfoody app, you can track important data related to your fitness journey such as body weight, fat loss, body composition changes and transformation images.



Siji has been nothing but patient and helpful the past month i have been working with her. i have made progress in my fitness journey quicker than i had expected and it’s all thanks to her!! i’m excited to continue my journey with her.
Aliha Ahmed
Aliha Ahmed
15:44 01 Jan 23
Great personal trainer. Siji is full of encouragement and advice and let’s you take your own pace and is incredibly patient. After dreading to get into fitness, Siji has made this easy and fun for me. Great availability and pricing
Katie Gill
Katie Gill
07:57 21 Aug 22
I have lost 1.7kg in less than a month of working out here and have lost 3% body fat. This makes me feel very surprised.
And I especially like my PT :Siji.
She really made me feel very gentle and patient. Gave me a great weight loss experience. I am very grateful to her.
Can Wu
Can Wu
12:22 09 Aug 22
I have been working with Siji for a couple weeks now and she has been fantastic and letting me take things at my own pace, helping me build up my confidence in using the gym and giving me patience to learn. She is a fantastic PT and a great person 😊🤌
Heather Leavens
Heather Leavens
07:55 20 Aug 22
Siji is wonderful! I found her tips and coaching style really helpful. She’s really friendly which helps make the experience so much better. She’s also a health and nutrition specialist so can advise on diet. Thank you!
Rebecca Bridle
Rebecca Bridle
16:33 02 Mar 23
Siji is a really nice and friendly personal trainer. She always encourages me, so I become more confident when I try exercises that I have not done before. She is also very patient, and I really like her teaching style.
LKL 917
LKL 917
12:36 19 Aug 22
The first meeting with Siji itself have instilled so much positivity in me and the urge to be fit and healthy. She is one of the most friendly and motivating personal trainers that I have ever met. The personalised workout plan that Siji designed for me have started showing results from week one. The easy to make and healthy diet plan with ample amount of nutritious food that she has provided me helped me a lot to stay active and productive throughout the day. I am really happy with my results and always grateful to Siji ☺☺
Rini Raju
Rini Raju
13:10 24 Aug 22
I have been PT session and group class with Siji for past 3 months.I have seen improvements with my fitness level and weight loss journey. Friendly and affordable.
Thanga Nagarajan
Thanga Nagarajan
12:51 26 Aug 22
I’m new to the gym, I’ve always liked sports, but I’ve never really liked the gym. Which I decided to change when I came to uni. Being your student has given me the confidence to go to the gym, regardless of what stage I’m at. You have given me a great and solid foundation to continue at the gym and how to have a productive/effective session. If I continue with the plans you have provided for me and increase my dedication and time, my goals will be achieved.Thank you so much for your time and effort.
Malak Taher
Malak Taher
22:47 04 Mar 23
As a complete newbie to the gym and feeling anxious about the gym environment Siji was instantly able to put me at ease. Siji is a great teacher and motivator. I have already learnt so much from her and feel more comfortable setting foot in the gym. Siji helps me do more than I think I can whilst also making the sessions fun and being able to have a laugh. My confidence and strength is growing as Siji teaches me new skills and the correct form.
Lydia Harrison
Lydia Harrison
17:52 22 Aug 22
Siji is incredible trainer, she is having so much energy and positivity that it's really engaging and fun to work out. Honestly after working out with Siji we didn't want to go to anyone else as it always felt like step down.
Tereza Matlova
Tereza Matlova
13:35 06 Mar 23

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